3-23-14 by dave

It was a cool morning with the Sun shining brightly on the hill.  The front of the hill was dark, and Mineral Basin was brightly lit and offering some great corduroy for the morning crew.  A new section of White Diamonds had been tilled, which offered the cold dry chalk that was smooth and consistent.  On the front of the hill the trifecta of Primrose, Primrose, and Primrose were given the extra special treatment, making that rare combination the Big Smooth.  I had to keep hitting that top to bottom line to get the goods before it was found.  After breakfast,  Mineral Basin had began to break on those South aspects, and the soft feel of corn was a treat.  Though the Sun was shining, the air remained cold, but I dropped layers and just drove with the top down.  The High North is still holding the cold, and still has yet to be affected by the high Sun angle.  Low amplitude rumble is the only static that you will have to deal with, but that is minor, and a full fall line approach is good to go.  Tomorrow, look for another cool morning, so be sure to dress for the nippy air.  The Groomers will be offering the throw down, get down party of the morning session.  Shaving off untracked corduroy nap is a perfection treat. Watch those South and West facing aspects till softening occurs.  The Deep Trees should still be offering the cold and dry feel, though the interference patterns have been building slowly.  Here is a shot of a discorperating tree in the middle of a tree line I was working, and I was wondering what it could tell me if it could still talk. Hmmmmm?   Peace Out!!DSC01997

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