3-22-14 by dave

There was the pitter patter of rain on the Trailer in the early morning hours, signaling the quick passage of an impulse that moved through the Front. Up on the hill there was a fresh dusting gracing the dance floor for the morning crew.  The Groomers got an extra bump in goodness with the addition of this installment, making those smooth lines ultra buffed and begging for deep arcs. Those South and West facing off trail sections did not get enough coverage to make much difference, so sticking to the known smooth or the High North aspects was the best call.  There was a distinct nip in the air that kept the quality consistent for much longer than expected for such a sunny day.  That Sun was a nice addition, as The Weather Dude was calling for a cloudy start to the day, but all was bright for the opening gun.  Tomorrow, look for the extra Essence to be worked into the prepared mat, which will add a velvet quality to the feel of the turn.  Again, be wary of those South, West, and a bit of the East exposures to still be very crusty in the cold morning.  Those aspects should soften with the Sun, so keep tabs on the development of the thaw as it goes off.  Mineral Basin will be the first to break, and, with the bright Sun cooking the bowl, you can expect much earlier softening than the rest of the hill, which will be holding off until Noon or so.  Here is a shot of an exhibit piece in the Tunnel that shows how far equipment and clothing has come, but this guy’s stoke is quite evident.  You know he is geared up for some deep runnings.  Peace Out!!DSC01983

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