3-25-14 by dave

Another cool morning greeted the morning crew, but the Sun was shining brightly, and it was just a matter of time until things started softening.  Mineral Basin had been given tenderizing efforts, but still it needed a bit of time to start things off.  The Peruvian Gulch had the best feel, as the dry chalky feel was still solidly felt top to bottom.  Lower Primrose was offering unreal lines of dry chalk that kept me knocking out back to back Boats to get as much of that excellence as possible.  Again, a big shout out to the Cat Crew for providing such big mountain smooth for us to dance on.  At Noon, the back side was feeling the warmth and some real corn goodness was happening in a big way.  A sorbet treat was raging as laps to get the goods was a no brainer.  At 2:00PM the warmth was working all the aspects, making them soft and silky as the pack broke.  This bit of luxury will be of interest tomorrow, when the leftovers will be very crispy indeed.  Tomorrow, look for weather to have moved into the Front as the next cycle begins to bring the next installment.  You will be wise to stay with the known smooth lines, and avoid those off trail aspects that got cooked today.  The High North is the only exposure to have escaped the warm up, and look there for the best ride.  It will depend entirely on how much precipitation, and how fast it comes, that will affect the quality of the morning runs.  I am hoping for some high density product to start things off, and a similar build up of the pack as we had last week.  Dress for the weather and remember the smooth lines. Here is a shot of a section of goodness just waiting to be tapped, and an hour after I took this, it was signed and sealed.  Nice touch.  See you in the AM.  Ciao!!DSC02003

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