3-26-14 by dave

It was just beginning to snow as the first Tram left the dock. As anticipated, the North faces were the place to be to take advantage of the residual cold that was still resident in the pack.  As the new product fell, the carpet got more luxurious as the increasing snow fall began to fill up the dance floor.  This Essence had a medium density feel, which seemed to cushion the ride, but it still had that dust on crust feel about it.  As the new snow fall began to get piled up by the traffic, you needed to be deliberate in the turn to avoid the tile and pile syndrome.  Off the prepared runs, the new snow was slow to soften the ride, though on the smooth sections it was easy to find fresh lines of depth that felt very sumptuous.  It is raining hard here at the Trailer as I write this, so there will be more on hand for the morning session, and a storm day to be on tap.  Tomorrow, look for the a much better feel as the old layer gets covered, and the mountain returns to a Winter feel as the this cycle begins.  Still be wary of those pesky South faces, but I am sure conditions will moderate and develop as it should.  This will be a great addition to the over all snow pack and will be offering more deep lines to mine.  Here is a shot of the D.C. Devil Boarder who was getting ready to throw down on the mounting depth.  It was a Devilishly good day.  See for the morning fun.  IBBY!!DSC02006

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