3-27-14 by dave

It was a wild morning of high wind, a crusty substrate, and variable visibility that added interest to the  high density Essence on the dance floor.  The density went a long way toward cushioning the old crusty layer below.  That layer was fully in play, and the crunch could really raise havoc with a well executed turn.  The pressure for the goods was fully evident, and getting away from the fray dialed back the need for constant awareness.   Mineral Basin seemed to have captured the most depth, but there were other sections that captured the deep as well.  The wind was the wild card, as it seemed to leave some sections wanting for more cushion.  The far reaches were left begging in the low visibility, letting the cognicenti have a free hand while the charge was ongoing on the front side.  As the new addition got worked over, the Harbor Chop built up to  stiff peaks that made it challenge to my knees.  Lots of lines were still to be had, but a bit of hounding was needed.  Snow continued off and on all day long, and some of the areas remained closed, so there will be more to get in the morning.  Tomorrow, look for the leftover sections to be opening and will offer that fresh frosting for those who missed it today.    The High North is still holding the best natural smooth, and the entrances are much better than yesterday.  Look for clearing skies, and with that the Sun will be working the aspects.  Be sure to stay ahead of the heat.  Here is a shot of a line we were working this morning as the high pressure was going off elsewhere. It is hard to see the tracks, but the Sun was trying to peak through the clouds.   It is nice to have a private resort close at hand.  See you in the AM.  IBBY!!DSC02007

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