3-28-14 by dave

The Lake Effect kicked in late yesterday and all night, leaving an amazingly light addition to yesterday’s cushion.  The bottom was only vaguely in play as the new Essence added to the cushion with a low density fluffulessence that was blower top to bottom.  It was awesome wall to wall, so you had to choose where you going to go, with every choice a winner, with the possible exception of some of the far West facing aspects.  Out in Mineral Basin, the goods were wide spread, but seemed overlooked by the crowd as the Road to Provo opened, pulling the pressure in that direction.  The Exotic Trees were also opened up, offering some very deep lines that were worth the traverse.  As the Sun broke out, after the lingering flurries, the quality was quickly affected by the rays.  Things got pasty down low as the day warmed up, sending me off the hill to start my day off early.  Tomorrow, look for awesome Groomers to be some of the best of the day, as the off trail will be heavily worked and, with the cold night temps, will freeze up the crud that got damp.  The High North will still be holding the cold, but even low elevation North aspects got hit with the afternoon warmth.  The Sun should be full on for the  morning, but more weather is forecast and clouds may be moving in later in the day.  Here is a shot of the goods just waiting for the opening of the upper traverse.  I took this on my way out to the Exotic Trees.   Great late season conditions are continuing for the next while.  Get it while it is going off.  Peace Out!!DSC02012

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