2-19-11 by dave

A new weather system moved in overnight, adding to the recent installment.  Overnight, the 12 Hours of Snowbird was held, and I was there for the opening bell, where luminaries and cognoscenti began the long night with a run down Regulator Johnson to begin lapping the Gad Zoom chair for the first half of the night, then moving to the Peruvian side of the hill to finish things off.  It was surreal skiing in the dark, with headlamps and a crew of chargers that really were bringing it.  I found myself staying well to the side as the pace blew my doors off.  Another cool feature was the dancing lights flying down the hill, silently passing by as the fresh Groom Job did not create any sound.  Silent running!!! Thanks to  all the folks at Snowbird for making this event  such an exciting happening.   Tomorrow, expect more snow to add to this Fresh Fest that we have been waiting for.  These installments have gone a long way in healing the recent scouring, with the big North faces  being smoothed by the wind, leaving the substrate supportable and consistent.   Still be cautious of the High West facing, where the icy crust will still be lurking, though  any sizable accumulation will mitigate the harshness.  All of the entrances have improved markedly from last week, providing much more accessible lines, which let you hit these shots without all the dancing around gnarly features.  Be sure to check the Road Conditions for morning access, as the continued precipitation may cause delays in the AM.   Here is a shot of the High Wind Work out in Mineral Basin.


See you tomorrow.   Peace Out!!!

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  1. John Knoblock says:

    You must have written that after your long night on the hill. Hope you got out Saturday afternoon! In the afternoon the fresh snow in Mineral Basin was the best its been in weeks; about a foot deep with a few face shots. And the infamous Comma chute was knee deep at the end of the day.

  2. dave says:

    Well yes I did. Saturday is my day off the hill, so that would explain the lack of detail on the day. I will be on deck in the AM. for a first hand account.

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