2-18-11 by dave

As anticipated, the Groomers were the most consistent calls for the early risers, though the overnight wind had prepared and buffed some of the off trail as well.  The South wind transported the snow to the North faces, continually filling them in run after run.  I did not cross my own track twice each time I visited my direct line.  “The wind giveth and the wind taketh away”, and for each shot being filled, there was another getting stripped.   These aspects will continue to fill up and be great no matter what.  The High West faces still have been very icy and tough to gain an edge.  Lower down on a shot you will find great snow, but sometimes getting there is a trip.  There is a storm moving in, so there might be some fresh in the morning.  The smooth seems to holding the smooth during these applications, though I did see a brisk build up of interference on the heavily visited areas.  I will be participating in the 12 Hours Of Snowbird tonight. Check the Snowbird site for specifics, as I am unsure on it myself.  Sounds like a cool thing to ski in the dark, and having never done that, I will be digging deep in the muscle memory banks for supplemental reference.   With luck the Moon will shine a bit of light, but it is overcast now, and I have my doubts.  Tomorrow, look for the wind loaded areas for best results, and watch those high West facing entrances for the high glaze. Scary!!   I have been trying to get photos, but the weather is not cooperating.   I will be off tomorrow to rest up, so enjoy some of those tasty runs for me.   Ciao!!

3 Responses to “WIND WORKING”

  1. Jim says:

    Wish I would have known you were in the 12 hour deal I would have donated.

  2. clairebear says:

    I wish I had known as well! I am sure it was memorable. Your muscle memory is vast so you shouldn’t have had to dig TOO deep. However, your sleep deprivation memory might be a bit rusty. Skiing in the dark, in the wind, must have been wild. I know the elves come out at night. Hope they sang to you…

  3. tomdbomb says:

    Guest Journalist sideline pass?

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