2-20-11 by dave

I took my time getting going this morning, as the Canyon was closed until 9ish.  The cue was backed up to 78ooS. going no where fast, so I just decided to give myself another day off.  With 2′ of snow, the faithful were anxious to get to the fresh installment that was waiting for them.  My inside sources reported super deep medium density product, that was so deep a straight line was needed to get the required speed to plane up. The flats were a trap, leaving them having to slog out after losing momentum.  As things got worked over that problem abated, but this was the stuff we have been waiting for to beef up the pack, and heal up the old crusty layer.    Tomorrow, be sure to check the road report, as there may be additional delays.  The mountain will be getting worked over by the machines, providing some sumptuous turns on the super smooth.  Off trail will be continued soft wall to wall, and we  may be seeing some additional accumulation as the system works it’s way through the area.   I expect tomorrow to be well attended as well, so be looking to be getting an early start, if the road allows, to get in line before things get too backed up.  It sure is great to have the dry spell behind us and the forecast looking good for this next week, so we will get our share of the goods in due time.  Not to worry.  I will see you tomorrow if all things go well.   Ciao!!!

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  1. One of the ira's says:

    How about some info on the 12 hours. I mean getting 10,000 of vertical an hour for 12 hours. How do you eat? bathroom breaks? collisions? etc? 5 hour energy doesn’t get a person half way

  2. Rich silver says:

    Hey Dave,
    It was nice meeting you in your planetary office at breakfast with Jared, and also Jess from Ski Utah on Friday. I really enjoyed your company, hearing your story and skiing with you. As a matter of fact I worked hard on the tips you gave me about hand/pole position for the rest of my trip.
    I love the blog, it’s really fun and of course informative and always a pleasure to meet a guru,especiallyone who is “a foremost authority on nothing”
    Hope to see you again down the road
    All the best,
    Rich Silver
    Weston Magazine Group

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