2-21-11 by dave

Once again, the Promise of the Wasatch was fulfilled, as the faithful streamed up the Canyon to partake of the Essence.   After yesterday’s ultra deep session, overnight Lake Effect Angle Dust  greeted the Seekers, who were treated to yet more of the sustaining quality, that was opened up for the first time since this installment began.  This is yet another example of the type of storm cycle  that Legends are made of, and I can tell you that the stories, which will be carried back to the far reaches of the world, will be true no matter how outlandish they may seem.  I was there, I will back you up.  The only issue I encountered- and this is just me now- was the Harbor Chop, that had been developed yesterday, made the power lines a bit bouncy.  The Mountain Smooth has been interrupted briefly, as the freshness gets worked in.  I did not encounter any of the old crusty layer anywhere, except on the high entrance to Old Ladies, but that did not present any problem, as the full depth blast below more than made up for any trickiness.  Tomorrow, look for slightly lighter traffic after the big weekend crowd has gone home, but there will be the residual traffic enjoying this vacation week. Look, also, for the Groomers to be exquisite in the AM. before they get too worked, as this depth will not hold the smooth for very long.  The cold of the day preserved the quality of the snow, and I did not see too much deterioration in the South facing aspects.  The Hill is in great shape, and you will find great shots wall to wall, so just follow your nose and let fly, so to speak.  Here is a shot of Little Cloud just before it opened .  MMMMMM!!!!   It was every bit as good as it looks.   Totally overhead and bottomless.    Feel free to lift the shot and send it to the Unbelievers, as you know the TRUTH!!!  IBBY

Little Cloud Waits

4 Responses to “UTAH LIGHT”

  1. Mike from ChiTown says:

    After reading The Guru and photos on The Bird’s site it had to be UNREAL. You guys are lucky. Sleep well.

  2. Mike from ChiTown says:

    After reading The Guru and seeing the photos on The Bird’s site. It had to be UNREAL. You guys are lucky. Sleep well.

  3. Sean says:

    It was REAL. And it’s why we live here.

  4. Elke says:

    Beautiful shot Dave…was planning on indulging, but the Kubota got stuck. Glad you enjoyed the beauty!

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