4-19-11 by dave

The rain pounded the Trailer in thunderous waves overnight.  It woke me up, and then sent me deep into a frenetic dream state, which for the life of me I can not remember, but I woke up exhausted. On the hill, the precipitation came as snow- YEA!!!-, which was very high density, cold, consistent, and provided just the right amount of cushion to render the frozen crusty layer a mere hint.  There were, however, some very large and profuse death balls strewn on the aspects, which loomed out of the fog, requiring some fancy footwork to avoid.  The high density made the turns come off smoothly on the North facing aspects, but the East, South, and some of the West facing was a touch on the slabby side, but with the use of the new, hip, now , mod, a go go skis made that little inconvenience a moot point.  As mentioned, the visibility was problematic at times, though it was intermittent, and did feature some glimpses of the Sun at various times. A cold air temp. kept the snow preserved, but the inherent density of the product finally did begin to develop the dreaded harbor chop, though a deliberate, round, power turn blew through the chop without much problem.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to offer excellent arcaciousness before it gets beat up too much.  Look for some extra Grooming efforts to be applied to the lower mountain, and take advantage of the goodness.  There is a brief break in the pattern, so tomorrow may be a bit more pleasant, but with the Sunshine there will be some rapid deterioration of the quality, so be there early for best results.  Keep in mind the direct Sun exposures, and get to them first before they go South as the morning progresses.  Follow the Sun, or more correctly, stay ahead of it.  Peace Out!!

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