4-20-11 by dave

The weather report last night was excited about a sunny day, but they were wrong.  I would love to be paid to be wrong that much.  On the bright side, the groomers were covered with a cm. of high density frosting that made Regulator ski like a dream.  I kept lapping that piece of goodness right up until breakfast.  The falling snow increased the on slope depth slowly as the morning progressed.  I took a lap out in Mineral Basin , where the off trail was still quite soft and turnable, though the light was less than stellar.   I have to admit to succumbing to a bit of vertigo as I made my way down Powder Paradise.  Where the heck was I?.  The chop began to build up slightly as the day progressed, making the variations a touch tricky, what with hard pack underneath.  The High North was still holding the soft and smooth, so there were sections of off trail to explore.  Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation as we move into another continued impulse stream.  The overall softness will only get better, and more consistent, as the accumulation mounts up.  Still be aware of the large frozen balls that are strewn around the aprons of the steep sections, as they could really ruin your day if you hit one directly.  The Grooming efforts seem to have backed off a bit, if today is any indication, so check the Grooming report to avoid rolling into a shot you assume to be buffed, but is not!!!  I’ll  see you there for the first Boat!!! IBBY!!

2 Responses to “WHAT SUN?”

  1. Carole Livingston says:

    I can’t believe all this great snow so late. My house at Lake Tahoe is still buried, and I wanted to get my garden furniture up there this week end! My boyfriend sold his house immediately after we put it on the market after my return from SB so we only got to spend a few weeks in the desert , and now it is a fast hectic finish to get out of the house and into a nice new apt on the water by the end of the month Then it’s back to the desert, as the weather here has been raining and shitty! So much for more skiing for me.
    Yours, Carole

  2. JOE CHAVEZ says:

    Feilds of glory was getting wind loaded to the theater below it was so good we had to lap it 3 times.


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