4-18-11 by dave

I really had hoped for snow instead of rain, but I was disappointed to find rain below 9000′.  The patrol, as they came off the hill, looked soaked and not to enthused, so I made a bee line for the Forkilft Chair where you know it’s good.  The reports said there was 6” up high, but the constant rain did not make me want to suit up.  There is supposed to be a break in the weather, so tomorrow will be interesting with no sure bets.  I will be looking at the Groomers to be good on top, but they will be getting crustier as you go down the hill. The off trail will continue to be very difficult at best.  If the mild temps. prevail we might see the same satin goodness we saw on Sunday morning, which was quite nice despite the dampness.  There is very little traffic on the hill, so it makes it seem like a private club.  I will be there again for the first boat, and I will be giving you a first hand account.  IBBY!!!

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  1. Paula says:

    Awesome blog Dave!

    I’m heading to Snowbird next week for the PSIA-InterMountain Springclinic–my first trip to Snowbird! Am watching your reports closely and hoping for some great spring ski conditions!

    -Afton, MN

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