4-17-11 by dave

It was a gloomy morning as first Tram left the dock with a light rain falling on the Plaza deck.   500′ up the cables had snow falling and the wind whipping, improving the situation.    Regulator was frozen solid, but the Peruvian side of the hill offered slight accumulation which provided traction and a sense of velvet.  Lower Primrose path had been given the Grooming treatment, and with the 46 degree temp. on the lower mountain,  it offered a perfect carpet, which felt like satin and skied great.  I did some fast laps, but the rain on the lower mountain sent me to the Forklift Chair to get a head start on breakfast.  By 12:00 Noon, the rain backed off as the Sun began to make it’s presence known, warming the dance floor and salvaging the day from the gloom.  There is weather in the forecast, with some snow as a promise, but the elevation may be in question.  I am thinking it will be snow, so once again, the off trail will be problematic, as the crud will have frozen up making it very difficult.  This is the beginning of a very wet trend, so I hope we will be looking at some additional Winter quality despite the date.  There will be not rush for first Tram, so you can arrive just in time to make the first one of the day.  I will see you there!!! Ciao!!

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