4-16-11 by dave

There is no stopping TIME, this I know, but I am trying my darnedest to hold off the inevitable.  Yesterday, I was rewarded with some memorable Winter powder.  Today, the clouds hung on the hill for the better part of the day, with the Sun burning off the majority by 1:30 PM..  Now, today was my day off, so I can not give you a first hand account, but I think that the visibility was an issue for the morning session, with the Sun giving some break in the struggle to see.  Continued softening, associated with the increasing temps. were working the hill a bit more.  The Weather forecast is for showers to begin sometime over night and into the morning, so we might see a bit off accumulation for tomorrow morning.  The forecast for this week looks wet, and it remains to be seen weather it is snow or rain.  I am thinking snow, in keeping with the general trend we have been seeing this season, but it also might bring rain in a big way.  But then…… it might bring a


huge dump reminiscent of that late April, early May installment we had last year.  Great things happen here, and this year will continue to push the limits of awesomenicity.  Here is a shot I took Friday of the Bookends as I was traversing by on my way out to the far reaches under the Sunday Cliffs, where I found untracked very late in the day.  See you for first Boat.  Peace Out!!

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