4-15-11 by dave

After yesterday’s powder panic, today offered a much more relaxed approach to the hill.  The Groomers were exquisite, with two lower big mountain drops buffed to perfection that stayed great all day long.  The High North was still holding the cold deep Essence, making the powder seekers giddy like a kid who got all the candy!  I still found untracked lines at 2:30 PM., which had been preserved by the cold air temps. that held on all day, despite the high Sun angle.  The exotic trees were opened from the first Tram, which delivered no pressure, no hype goodness which rewarded the patient folks who missed out on the goods yesterday.  The Sun, and afternoon air temps. finally began to soften the lower mountain to the consistency of sherbet, so the quality was good from first to last Tram.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to again be offering serious ground pounding fun, though there may be some crunchiness on the lower third of the hill.  The high North will still be good to go, but there will be a significant deterioration in the off trail as you move down the hill.  The PSIA is conducting testing all over the hill, so they will greatly appreciate a wide margin in order for them to do the proper demonstrations.  I made a couple sojourns out to the exotic trees first thing this morning, and here is a shot of boundary bowl looking as good as it was.  I can’t remember skiing perfect winter powder this late in the season with no competition for the lines.   These runs were some of the best I have experienced all season.  I will be taking the day off tomorrow, so make some turns for me.  IBBY!!!


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