4-14-11 by dave

The Canyon road was greasy this morning, with cars off the side, in the ditch, and even 4 wheel drives turning around and headed back down.  The storm was raging, delivering higher density snow to the hill, with visibility that was marginal at best.  The faithful were in full attendance, as the spring fever has been held off by the continued deliverance of Winter Essence.  The higher density product cushioned the ride, keeping the bottom from being too much of an issue, though it was certainly in play.  Mineral Basin opened, drawing the traffic away from the Tram, however, the line was still pushing the back of the coral, as the Peruvian Chair was not open.  The buoyant quality of the snow created a beach sand kind of feel to the turns, with some tip sucking instances that could send you over the handle bars.  Really, the scenario could not have been better in providing a rebound from the crustiness that was left over from the past few days.  The Sun was peaking out from time to time, but the quality held up throughout the day.   Tomorrow, look for the High North to still be holding some great lines, and the Groomers to be velvet smooth and carvelicious.  The Sun did come out late in the day, so there may have been some deterioration on some aspects.  The cover is really unbelievable with all the snow we have had, making all the entrances as good as they get.  Even the rarely filled sections are full and all reef hazards are covered.  Very nice indeed.  Here is a shot that was contributed by Nick, who caught this rainbow arch over Mineral Basin, that was a sure sign of things to come!!!  Ciao!!



  1. Lynne Stone says:

    Hi Dave – we met on the tram this morning. I enjoy reading your comments about Snowbird skiing as my son skis there. I thought powder skiing on this day was excellent despite the wind and cold, and it was a wonderful end to my splendid Utah ski vacation. Everyone I met was so friendly and so into skiing. Best! Lynne Stone, Ketchum ID

  2. dave says:

    I am so glad that your time at The Bird was memorable. This place is such a Power Point that draws amazingly energetic and enthusiastic folks. I certainly hope you will return again to partake of the Essence .

  3. Lynne Stone says:

    If the stars align & things work out, am planning to spend a good chunk of winter 2011-12 skiing in Utah. See you on the 1st boat!

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