4-13-11 by dave


It was supposed to be a stormy day today, but the Sun was out and looking fine for the first Tram.  The upper mountain had been slightly dusted by the small impulse that came through overnight, making the Groomers very consistent and shredtastic.  Only the lower 1000′ were on the crunchy side, with Big Emma offering no chance to grab an edge, especially with my edges.  Mineral Basin was sunny and nice, but the off trail was not recommended.  As the morning wore on, clouds began to drift over the dance floor, reducing the detail markedly.  By Noon, the lower mountain began to break, making the Groomers soft and tasty.  The forecast is for snow tonight through tomorrow morning, but they said that about last night too, so I am cautiously optimistic. The High North aspects are still fairly smooth, though there is a high frequency, low amplitude rumble to deal with, so with marginal accumulation you will be feeling the static.  On the Sun exposed shots the frozen crud will present serious issues, so be aware of that and choose lines that will mitigate that little variation.  Here is a shot of the “Gate To Heaven” – the Canyon Mouth-, which I always marvel at it’s majesty as I drive up every day.  Next time you turn that corner, take a second and check out the immensity of that piece of rock!!!  Peace Out!!!

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