12-30-12 by dave

DSC01140There was a cold mist hanging over the mountain today that only seemed to abate as the Sun got higher, but the temps dropped just as it was getting warmer.   That helped preserve the 1” of new snow that fell overnight covering all the aspects with a dense cold frosting that seemed slippery under the edge, as if there were ball bearings under foot.  The firm layer is still there on most of the Groomed sections, but the off trail offers more traction though the interference patterns are building rapidly as the holiday traffic is working the hill with enthusiasm.   The uphill capacity is keeping up nicely, with very short or non existent lines on all carriers.  That makes all options quick and easy to access. The inversion is building into the Front, so the higher elevations should be warming up while the valley is shrouded in fog.  This is where the Black Ice in the Canyon really kicks in.  I have seen numerous sections of snowbank that seem to have been greeted by an errant vehicle, so don’t let it be you spinning out of control.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the velvet ride on all exposures and look for the Gun Powder for some extra special sweetness.   Here is a shot of a seeker who was making a fun day more interesting and amusing at the same time.  See you for the first Boat!!! IBBY!!

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