12-31-12 by dave

DSC01148The weather forecast was inaccurate going into today as they called for an inversion to be in play, but it was Zero on the peak and it was not balmy.   I dressed for cold and covered my nose to keep the frost bite from hitting it, but the cold just penetrated anyway.  On the hill the Snow Guns were turning out some excellent cover in the cold air, though it was wise to feel it out before charging willy nilly into the wash.  The Gunpowder was luxurious and extended way down the hill in the still morning air.  Off trail the rumble continues to build, though the lines are fairly round enabling a smooth line if you stretch 0ut the rhythm to mitigate the impact.  Coverage is good over all with all the main runs trustworthy, but the Cirque Traverse still demands attention down the middle part.  Mineral Basin was getting the quasi  shine early in the AM, and motoring around out there was fun and wide open.  I am really digging the Baldy Express with the fun terrain variations and smooth Groomers all to your self in the morning hours.  Tomorrow, look for continued goodness under the Guns and perhaps we might begin to warm up, but check the temps so you can dress for it.  Here is a shot of the Sun glowing in the misty cold air that hung on the Mountain all day.  See you for the first Boat!   Ciao!

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