12-29-12 by dave

Today was time to get to the far reaches and get the leftovers from this last series of installments that graced us this past holiday season.  The Groomers were perfectly smooth and carvelicious, DSC01129 which is another kind of perfect.  You have to embrace it when you find it, and with the Sun out everyone was finding the goods wall to wall.   There is another small impulse upstream, so we can look forward to some freshening of the dance floor yet again.  Tomorrow, look for the temps to be quite cold before the Sun gets up to warm the air, so dress for it and cover that exposed skin.  Also, watch for that Black Ice in the canyon, especially down low, but it still can be found up higher as well. The Groomers will be perfectly smooth again, and the off trail will still be soft, though there will be some of the rumble from the recent traffic.  The coverage has improved markedly with this last cycle, so the options are much wider now and cushions are building for those who leave the ground momentarily.    I will be back on the hill again for the first hand recon missions to see how it all is shaking out.  Here is a shot of one of the spires out in Mineral Basin looking mystical and beckoning.   Peace Out!

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