12-28-12 by dave

There was another strong turnout for today’s festivities, but the lifts moved everyone up the hill in short order, which made the waits not bad at all.  There was another coating of ultra light lake effect Essence that did not buffer the chop that developed from the other day, but the feel was so good I did not really notice.  The Road to Provo and Powder Paradise opened today and offered just what every seeker covets the entire year.   There was a total repair of the High North aspects that had some breakable coverage, but now that is gone and nothing but blower was the rule.   Of course it did not last long, but the reasonably cold day kept the snow refrigerated and preserved all day long.  I only found things to be a bit scratch only down low.   The Snow Guns were running on both sides of the hill even though it was still snowing, but the transitions were from perfect to another kind of perfect.  Here is a shot of Tadje the Snow gunner who was checking density as I was  gliding by.   MMMMMM GOOOD Stuff.  Tomorrow, look for the off trail to still be holding the soft on all aspects, just be ready for the a bit of rumble. The Groomers will be off the charts perfect as well top to bottom, though the very bottom of the hill is still a bit scratchy, but no worries.   Coverage has improved markedly in just the past stretch, especially in contrast to how things felt not too long ago.  I am taking the day off tomorrow to work on the Phase array so I won’t be there, and I will leave it to all of you to work the product.   IBBY!!!DSC01147

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