12-27-12 by dave


The faithful were in full attendance this morning to partake of the gift of 4% moisture content for this installment.  It does not get much lighter than that, and if it does I have not seen it, but needless to say it was BLOWER.   The West facing sections still were sporting some crustiness here and there after the wind moved some of the accumulation from yesterday to the North facing aspects.   It was great no matter were you went, so small sections of scratchiness were inconsequential.  The Cirque Traverse was getting a bit better, but still was very bony along the Middle Cirque section, where it paid to be deliberate as you encounter that section.  Wilbre Bowl was deep and getting nicely filled overall.  The high traffic of the day worked the snow pack,DSC01134 raising some interference patterns on the popular sections, but a long round approach mitigated the rumble for the most part.  Tomorrow, look for another great morning as it was snowing briskly, on the order of 3” an hour, when  I left the hill.  The moisture content will again be heavenly as the big lacy flakes were just floating down with little or no wind.  It was fun hearing the ebullient vocalizations echoing in the gulches as the faithful danced in the perfection.   That is the Promise of the Wasatch.  Here is a shot of the lacy accumulation on my car when I cleaned it off late this afternoon.   This is the best time of the season so get it all when you can.   Ciao!!

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