12-13-12 by dave

Well, well, well, after the heavy down load of the 12 12 12 day of the century my mind was pretty fried, but I made first Tram this morning and was looking for the lines of goodness the wind had deposited. These lines were sparse on the West facing exposures with a crunchy crust to deal with, though the deposited goodness cushioned the ride. The steep section of Puckerbrush has been stripped clean, so be aware of this bit of gnar when you navigate that line. The Road To Provo offered some interesting wind slabbed lines that were supportable for the most part, but did not stand up to a heavy edged turn. The feathered approach would keep you on top and styling. Mineral Basin opened later in the day, and I had hung it up by then, so I can’t give a first hand account, but judging by the stout wind work, I bet there were interesting lines to be found if you looked. I will take a closer look tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for Mineral Basin to offer fresh adventure for the season and a much expanded dance floor to Rumba upon. The high traffic areas are developing some rumble, so be aware of that. Gad 2 was skied out, but the cover was pretty solid even on the steep sections, but caution still should be exercised. Here is a shot of Lift Line looking fairly solid with just some low amplitude interference patterns developing in the main lines. See you tomorrow for more rock and roll. Ta for now!

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