12-12-12 by dave

Tower 3

It was another high wind morning with the Tram down due to wind.   The Gad 2 lift was going to open, but it was delayed for some time after the lifts opened.  The main open areas were scoured by the wind, leaving some beautiful lines of transported product in the guts.  Gad 2 opened with a group of faithful waiting for the rope drop.  I was not one of them, as I decided to wait riding the Forklift Chair where it was running with no waiting.  Gad 2 was reported to have been a bit crusty after being hit with the wind, but there were sheltered areas that still held the soft dense snow from the other day.  The consistency did get better as it got skied out, revealing the granular sugar that was resident underneath the crust.   The Peruvian side of the hill was scoured as well, but those lines of transported snow was worth looking around.  Tomorrow, look for another day of fun, with the opening of Mineral Basin with some luck and new adventures to seek out.  The Groomers will still be offering some nice smooth velvet, and the wind deposited lines will still have that good silky feel, so look for those special lines.   With the Tram down, the High North will have filled in those high lines.  There are still some crusty spots down low, but the traction is getting better all the time.  I am looking forward to Mineral Basin, as I think there will be some special lines out there.  I will be sporting my super wide sticks to deal with the possible variations.  It is great to have significantly improved conditions, so see you there for the fun.   Peace Out!

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