12-14-12 by dave

This morning marked the opening  of the new Little Cloud High Speed Quad with an enthusiastic turnout for the ribbon cutting.  This chair is fast, smooth, ultramodern, and a great addition to the entire pace of the hill.  Later in the day I did a trip up Gad Zoom down to Little Cloud and got to the top of the chair in 14 minutes.   That was with no waiting on either chair.  That was fast and a great alternative on those high pressure days.  The morning visibility was marginal, and my first foray into Mineral Basin was a conservative survey of the terrain features.  There is plenty of cover back there but the crustiness of the recent high density accumulation left the off trail very crunch and challenging.  I stuck with the machine worked lines, though I did venture off to check things out here and there, but it will take more accumulation to make the difficulty factor relax.   There were some nice smooth wind deposited lines in some of the gut areas on both sides of the mountain, which were the place to look for the goods of the day.  The Sun came out and played a hiding game, giving tantalizing shots of clarity only to cover things up in clouds from time to time.  It was snowing when I left, so expect some accumulation overnight to freshen things up for the morning.  The overall ride is still fairly smooth, though the high traffic areas are sporting some low amplitude rumble.  The crusty layer is still in play, but it is being mitigated with each day.  Just expect the variations and aim for the deep section.  Tomorrow is my day off for the week, so work it out for me and I will be back on Sunday.   Peace Out!DSC00473

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    B-) 3D

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    Very happy to see you are back in action

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