1-28-11 by dave

It was another day of Maximum Rock and Roll.  The Groom team was out again re working the big shots they worked yesterday, giving them another level of goodness that had to be experienced to be believed.  I  kept pushing the smooth for all the turns I could fit in.  With such rare shots being placed in the Zone, one has to take the opportunity to get it while it is right there to get.  The off trail is improving as well, though the sunshine today had softened the South and West facing aspects, and will be quite crispy in the morning, but will improve to goodness as soon as the Sun has a chance to work it over .  The mountain is holding on the overall smooth, with little or no bump development to speak of.  Only the most heavily visited sections are getting bumped.   The Groomers have been holding the smooth all day as well, so  a full day of big mountain experience is on tap.  The forecast is for continued sunshine to make the day another perfect one.  Yes, we need more snow to soften things up, but I still maintain that this is as good as it gets for a high pressure pattern.  The snow is cold,dry, consistent, and custom made for performing perfect turns.    I look for perfect, and ski what is perfect when it is.  It amazes me that folks will dismiss perfect for some punchable aspect, and that is fine, but I can’t get enough of the goods.  Another great feature of the Sunshine days,

Inversion layer

is the ability to get up and above the inversion layer.  Here is a shot from today looking down from above.  I am very happy to be well above the murky mist.  See you Sunday!!!

4 Responses to “MAX R&R”

  1. tom says:

    Nature perfectly mimics the social aspects of living in the valley. Everyone is stuck in the valley in the murky aspects of social control. And the social inversion of this valley is more polluted and unhealthy than most.

    And when one gets outside or above it, one easily sees it for all it is.

  2. von bulow says:

    living in boston spent 2 years living in LCC god i miss its greatness thanks dave youre reports give me a warm feeling

  3. dave says:

    I could not agree more. Well Put!!

  4. Nate says:

    Wow. Another reason Snowbird and the Wasatch Mountains are my favorite getaways- to escape the toxic air that’s eating at so many of our lungs. And good connection Tom.

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