1-29-11 by dave

The fog was dense and dreary this morning as I sipped my coffee here at the trailer, while just a 1000′ above the Sun was beaming clear and unobstructed.  What a difference it makes to the vibe of the day if you know you will be transcending the murk for the high altitude Prana that concentrates in the Canyons.  I was looking up though it, instead of looking down on it.  Well,  I will be there again tomorrow, so I will be taking shorter breaths until I can get back up there, and breath deeply the rejuvenating air and energy.  The mountain is still in fine shape, offering wide spread consistency, which lets you choose just about any line and have it go down with ease.  The morning crust will have moderated on the direct aspects, as the Sun cooked it from the first rays of the morning, so forays over to those shots will pay off with patience.  The same scenario will again render those South and West aspects crusty again tomorrow morning.  The forecast is for a system to be moving in to the area in the next few days, so high cloudiness might begin to flatten the details.  As the traffic pattern holds steady, the previously scratchy sections are being broken down letting you taste the granular re crystallized essence that has been just out of reach.   Now it is something to be sought out.  There is one shot that I have been working, it is out of the way and short, but with persistence it has become a private treasure that I have been keeping to myself.  There are other special shots that are sporting the same quality all over the hill, so exploration will be rewarded, and a shot that is not quite ready can be worked to goodness, so, if you are generous, get a posse together, move the process ahead, and reap the rewards of the re crystallization.  Snow does amazing things as it morphs, and can be counted on to provide memorable sensations as you ply the dust!.   I will be there first thing in the AM, be aware of the Black Ice.   IBBY!!!

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