1-27-11 by dave

Things were off the chart this morning when the Grooming report exhibited some unreal scope.  The huge sections in Mineral Basin were buffed out, with the off trail shots smoothed over by nature’s own wind machine.  The machine groomed was also covered with the wind deposited essence, that made every turn  pure pleasure.  The front of the hill was replete with top to bottom buffage on both sides.  Choose your line and have at it.  Very light traffic kept all the lines smooth and unruffled.  Now  that the Sun is getting higher in the sky, the direct exposures are absorbing the rays and quickly becoming noticeably affected.  It might be a tad crispy on those aspects first off in the morning.  Look for another day of full on goodness, where just about any line you choose is going to be worthwhile.  Wilbre Bowl as a touch punchable, though a round approach seemed to carry through with little deflection.   The entrances are still holding up to the traffic, but a couple popular shots are getting scraped sown a bit, however, the snow below is certainly worth the sketch factor.    I was able to fly my Wings first thing this morning, with the low traffic and ultra buffed runways.  There was a cold head wind coming out of the North, which gave me a lot of extra lift, so I lit the burners!   Walk on Trams were going off all day, and tomorrow should be just a touch busier.  I have been going on about the smoothness factor as you may have noticed, it is  hard to relate the wonder of smooth to those who may not see too much of it.  Here is a shot that may convey the essence of smooth of which I speak.   Yeah, that’s the stuff in full effect.


See you there for the first Boat!   IBBY!!

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