1-26-11 by dave

The fog was thick as I drove away from the trailer this morning, but the clear skies were right there just above the murk.  With the thick fog washing around in the lower Canyon, black ice was a no brainer.  The sanders had made a pass, but I was not taking any chances.  This situation will be there again in the morning, so be aware of that.  With yesterday’s low visibility, low traffic, steady Northwest wind, and snow that fell well into the evening, left Mineral Basin a solid choice for first run.  But!!! the front side of the hill offered it’s own perfect ride, with the upper mountain smoothed by the wind, and the Big Groomers pumping out the adrenalin laced goodness.   Which to chose.  Either choice was a big win, except that you can’t be two places at once.  Dang!  The temps. remained cold all day long, with minimal  deterioration to the quality even on the South facing exposures.  There is a low amplitude rumble that is beginning to rise up off trail, though it does not present any problems over all, just a bit pesky after all the ultra smooth ripping.  Still, there are plenty of aspects that are still holding the natural smooth, and that has certainly been helped by the wind patterns. The forecast is for continued cold out of the North, so be sure to have the extra layers on hand.  I ended up putting on more clothes at 1:30 PM., as the wind picked up and the temps dropped.  Brrrr!  The remote trees still hold soft snow, but the traffic has worked up the bumps to a certain degree. More Sun and Fun is on hand for tomorrow, so get ready to Rock! Also be aware the Canyon is closing for data collection, and will reopen at 8:00AM.  IBBY!!!   Here is a very rare sighting of the Dreaded Snow Snake, you never get to actually see one, but here is a classic sighting.  Photo Shopped? You be the judge!SNOW SNAKE

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