Major Dumpage

3-25-09 by dave

Wednesday morning began with a bang; control shots rang out with the early arrival of the predicted precip.  Very high winds had the Tram shut down and chair starts held off.  Road closing was scheduled for 10:00 AM.  After riding the Forklift chairs, in hopes for a start time, I took the window and bailed.  The best guess, from those in the know, was lower Gad Valley to open at an indeterminate time.  The faithful, getting up the greasy road, were pumping up the hill until the last minute.  The snowfall rate was epic and I can only imagine the depth to be deeper, by far, than reported.  The wind was sure to have affected the higher elevations making the skiability a toss up.  Needless to say, the continued snow fall will only make the overall conditions better, but there may be issues with wind affected areas so count on that.   I will be checking the road status in the morning to avoid the big crunch.  Looking good for the week!!!

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  1. jeff hood says:

    HI Dave David Weiss just sent me your site add. This is so good .Was great to see you 2 weeks back on the deck.. Skiing out east sucks .I will be on your site every day… Jeff hood.. Montreal CND.. Barry Levines friend from MTL Be well ski hard enjoy… Jeff

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