Fluff ‘N Butter Redux

3-24-09 by dave

Tuesday brought more of the goods to the faithful, who attended with high anticipation; they were not disappointed  The depths had remained consistent and had not been beaten down, so the fresh snow just added to the delight.  All aspects were skiing nicely, however, Little Cloud and Mineral had not held up to the wind as well as other areas.  All areas did open in a timely fashion reducing the Tram line.   The sun made an appearance in between the clouds, which kept the snow from setting up in the usual manner at this time of year.  The underlying crust is still there in spots, though it does not present any problems to overall enjoyment.  The bumps are still underneath and are buffered by the new snow.  More snow is in the forecast so the mountain is prepped to be epic.  The previous melt off did expose some of the reefs, which are now submerged so use a touch of caution on the approach to your favorite line.  The Middle Cirque traverse, being one of the most exposed sections , requires some gentle stepping to get over, but no trouble unless you hit the rocks going fast so be aware in that spot.  The groomers were just spectacular as well with flawless carve-ability.  All your snow dancing is paying off so keep up the good work!!!

2 Responses to “Fluff ‘N Butter Redux”

  1. Merrill's Dad says:

    Bring on the pow! Coming out in a week and can’t wait.

  2. wep says:

    Might be see’n you soon,


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