Sweet Suprise

3-23-09 by dave

Heavy snow ,Monday morning, brought out the faithful in full force.  The web reported 10” new, but there was so much more when the gun went off.  The 7% content with groppel made the powder feel a bit heavier and cushier.  The West exposure had been hammered by the wind and proved a tad inconsistent , but other aspects were sweet, skiable, and blower!!!  The bottom was in play but the depth and density mitigated the ride beautifully.  The high North exposures were especially deep and full on face shots were the rule.  The wind increased as the day progressed and visibility deteriorated and the heavy snow continued to pile up.  Mineral and Little Cloud remained closed and the depth kept increasing .  Gad 2 closed due to the high winds so these areas will be prime for the morning.  The forecast is for another storm this week so better conditions are sure to build the overall consistency and fully mitigate the crustage.  All aspects were skiing well, but those bumpy areas were knocking those bumpmiesters around soundly.  The deep trees have been protected from the wind and will ski well tomorrow.   The goods are back  and the fix is in!!!

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