Fully Studio

3-26-09 by dave

As anticipated, the canyon was closed Thursday morning holding the faithful at bay until the 10:00AM  opening.  They, again, were not disappointed as they were treated to the finest that the snow gods could provide.  Heavier density material to start provided a perfect foundation for the ever lighter dust which finished off the structure providing the most buoyant and luxurious product of the season; in my humble opinion.  The faithful were in full effect, charging with impunity, and demonstrating some serious chops!! Quite a sight, if you took the time to notice.  All aspects were amazing with nary a bump off the still frozen bottom, but no matter, full blastability was the rule.  After 1:00PM the high traffic areas began developing the ratchet chop which is typical of higher density.  Mineral, Little Cloud, and Baldy remained closed as I left with heavy lake effect fully in play, continuing to add to the, already, studio fluff.  By  the late afternoon the clouds moved off, but the cold temps and late appearance of the sun did not set up the snow as it normally would.  Tomorrow will be spectacular and will, no doubt, be well attended so reap the rewards of the big dance!!!

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