My Blue Heaven

3-27-09 by dave

Friday  morning dawned clear and cold with a brisk North Westerly breeze keeping the temps. cold;  truly a blue bird day.  Temp. on the peak in single digits to start out which slowly moved up to the teens.  Overnight the wind pounded the existing snow, moving some and compacting everything else.  The high North aspects were carvable and fairly smooth.  The East facing was the fluffiest.  Other aspects were variable and had been kissed by the sun late yesterday afternoon adding just enough moisture to thicken the playing field overall.  Mineral Basin, Little Cloud, Baldy, and Thunder Bowl opened later in the morning displacing the Tram line and rendering it Walk on by 12:00 Noon.  The groomers were buffed and creamy but could be a touch punchable if you stuck the edge too hard so a ligh approach was best.  The temps began to climb and the direct exposures will take the heat.  Tomorrow will sport a larger grooming field and North facing will remain dry and cold.  Crust on the South and West facing will be there, but not too tough to negotiate.  A sunny forecast will ensure a great day for all.  How could it not?  The powder may be gone for now, but the greatness is not; be there!!!

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