3-07-14 by dave

The snow flurries lingered over the hill all day long, making the visibility marginal from time to time.  The off trail was still a bit bouncy, and depending on which exposure you chose, you needed to be ready for the variations.  Some of the lines had some wind deposited accumulation, where there was a deep pocket that could produce a face shot if you hit it with some speed.  The Groomers were full on fun and carvalicious, making a full throttle assault on the fall line fun and predictable.  The High North was still holding the best quality lines, as the smooth is still holding up in these areas.  As the day progressed the interference patterns began to rise up in the high traffic areas.   The clouds helped keep the product out of the Sun’s rays, so it stayed quite soft well into the afternoon.  One of the last sections to open was happening just as I arrived on an exploratory lap.  Surprisingly, the Sun was shining out in the Basin as the storm clouds and wind were working the front.  Here is a shot of the turns I made out on the far reaches.  Also included is a shot of my buddy Revy’s two side by side turns.  That is how much time we had to get the goods.  -42 I lapped this treasure 3 times before it was discovered.  Tomorrow, look for clear skies as the High Pressure moved into the area.  The temps should be nice and the hill will be in great shape for the weekend seekers.  With the Sun coming out, be sure to hit those direct aspects first because they won’t last long.  The bottom layerDSC01910 is still in play, but the medium density product that was delivered has gone a long way to cushioning the ride.  I will be taking the day off, so I will see you on Sunday.  IBBY!!

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