3-06-14 by dave

With the storm front predicted to move in today, the clouds looked very threatening at times today, and it seemed as if  it was about to uncork, but the weather held off until after dark.   The Groomers were good to go and offered smooth consistency in the very flat light.  Off trail was a bit tricky with the old chop setting up a low amplitude rumble that worked the knees a bit much.  The Upper Silverfox section of the hill opened up after the competition set up was cleared off, offering quite smooth lines.  This area had been held closed for the past few days, and it was nice to get this area back, so we could get a look at what those athletes accomplished yesterday.  What I saw still boggles my mind.  The overall smooth is holding up on the hill, with only some of the very high traffic areas building the amplitude.  With the addition of the next installment, all the aspects should be looking good, even those South facing shots should be getting soft again.  There was little wind today, with the exception of some ridge top streaming, but certainly not enough to establish those consistent wind lines.  We will just have to wait to see what develops in the morning.  Good cover still is happening wall to wall, and there should be a bit more traffic on the hill with the addition of this installment.  It should be a great morning, thought the visibility will be marginal.  Here is a shot of Fitz, sporting a very Cosmic hat that I just had to get a picture of.  This hat was so beautifully made and Fitz told me that it was a hat from Cique Du Soleil.  A bold fashion statement!!   See you for the freshness.  Stay Frosty!!DSC01904


  1. Steve "O" Prior says:

    Okay I gotta admit that’s a great hat. Steve” O” See you exotically tomorrow

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