3-08-14 by dave

DSC01894The Sun was out in full effect today illuminating the dance floor for the faithful.  There was  plenty of soft snow still available all over the hill, and the Groomers were offering the rock and roll lines to Lay It Down Like Ligety!!  With the good visibility, it was easy to scope out those lines that had been missed in the fog yesterday.  That was a full bonus for those who wait for fair weather to get the goods.  The hill is fully fat now, with all the drops filled up nicely, however, those pesky approaches, that have been problematic as of late, are still spotty and require a bit of care.  West Baldy opened again after the closure, which rewarded the waiting faithful with the big vertical that has been waiting in the wings for a while. That was a welcome development indeed.  Tomorrow, look for another Sunny day, though clouds are expected to build up in the afternoon ahead of the next storm.  The wind may also play a role in the mix, so if it kicks up be looking for those wind lines to begin to develop with all the loose product to move around. The direct exposures, that were getting at Sun warming, should be avoided in the AM as they will be very crusty and not worth hitting until the softening occurs.  It will be a great day on the hill, so be there for the Sun before the storm.  Here is a shot of the Czech Connection, Jarda and Anna, who are taking the chops they developed on this hill up to British Columbia.  I know they are going to rock it up there.  I hope they will come back and visit if we can lure them back with the Promise of the Wasatch.  See you for the first Boat.  Ciao!!

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