2-13-15 by dave

The temps were warm enough this morning for me to slide with the top down, though there was still a nip in the air.  The Sun was going to raise the temps slowly as the day progressed.  Fresh tills of the big drops in Mineral Basin had been prepared with the first hour a treat with light traffic.  It was going to take a bit for those crusty aspects to fully thaw out, and when they did, the pay off was worth the wait. On the front of the hill, Regulator  needed a few hours to soften, but it too finally became a soft corn sensation.  This spring feel will be continuing for the weekend, and you can count on more of the great preparations to be on tap for those morning laps.  The High North was still holding the cold with Mark Malu offering a huge line that begged for deep carving turns.  Here is a shot of that section that illustrates how big and smooth that line can be.  You can tell by the dust the folks are leaving in the air how good it is.  DSC02571Tomorrow, look for more of the same as the temps., though they were warm, did not saturate the pack like it would when the Sun is higher later in the season.  You can expect the High North to still be holding the cold, with those lines well worth the time to get out to them and get the smooth.  Those aspects that did see those direct rays will be crispy in the AM, so give them time to soften.  Usually, by 10:30 or 11:00 AM, the break is beginning to happen, but there is plenty to charge while you wait for the break.  I had to get this shot of a most unusual suit  Donut Man was wearing as he headed to the Tram.  This is a very bold fashion statement for sure, and he wears it well.    DSC02569I needed a bit more coffee after taking this shot. I will be taking the day off tomorrow, so make those turns for me, and do not forget to savor those aspects that get all corned up after Noon.  They felt line Spring, but we know it is not here yet.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. Doughnut Man says:

    I am Doughnut Man, and I approve this message.

  2. marie says:

    I agree, it has been like spring skiing all winter, with a few storms in between. And I approve of Doughnut Man !

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