2-14-15 by dave

The Sun came out from behind the clouds just as the day got started, but there continued to be a high cloud deck off and on all day long.  The day warmed up as it has in the past couple of days, with the timing of the break right on time if you followed the Sun.  Mineral Basin was offering those smooth lines, as was the front of the hill with some of the lower sections getting the nod  with a fresh till.  It is good to check the Grooming report for those fresh treatments that you can really sink your edges into.  Yesterday, I had to keep lapping the front of the hill to get that one piece of freshness, as it had not been tilled this season. Regulator finally broke, offering some very nice corn, especially on the right side of the Grooming work.  That gets the best Sun angle.  I had today off and was working on the Cosmic Array here at the Trailer, when the horses in the coral came by for a chat.  I never really know what they are saying, but you can see it in their eyes.   Good folks.   Here is a shot taken from the Trailer of a high point up the Canyon,  showing how excited this tree is about the early spring.  I think this tree is a bit too excited about the nice weather.  Get ready.  DSC02587Tomorrow, look for some overcast to start things off as a brush by brings some clouds, however, those clouds should move off quickly with Sun coming out after Noon.  The smooth lines will be the place to be, but if the clouds flatten the light, the front of the hill might be favored with the tree reflected light.  It is dark on the front Sun or clouds, but those reference points help out a lot.  I will be up on the hill for a first hand look, and I will be looking for the smooth.  Be sure to avoid those aspects that saw all that Sun today and wait for the softening to occur.   IBBY!!!

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