2-12-15 by dave

It was another fairly cool morning, though there is a slow warming trend happening day by day.  This will continue though the weekend, after which, we will be moving back to a Winter Pattern.  The Groomers out in Mineral Basin had been re worked to provide some very nice laps for the morning fun fest.  As White Diamonds warmed up, it began to have that back country corn feel as the soft carving turns peeled off the kernels.  I had to go back many times to hit that shot that we used to dream about doing before there was a chair.  There is still soft snow out on the High North sections that are still feeling consistent and fresh.  Here is a shot from just the other day when we got the Ski Patrol Gulley opening on that very first lap on a Lewis and Clark sojourn.  This traverse offered some of the sweetest high density fluff of recent memory. On the front of the hill, fast and firm lines were happening top to bottom, with Lower Primrose Path still smooth but did not get a fresh till.  That made you really dig deep in the morning flat light, which was a feature before the Sun came up to illuminate the dance floor.  DSC02558Tomorrow, expect an even warmer start, however, I still think it will still be a bit brisk to start things off.  It was not until after Noon that I was able to drive with the top down.  The High North aspects are still fun, though those remote wind lines, that had been offering some real sugar yesterday. were just not happening today.  It was worth the adventure, but I was glad to get back to the smooth.  The Sun did get those directly exposed aspects, so expect some crispiness there.  Let Regulator soften for a bit and let the Sun work the surface for best results.  See you for a morning session of fast fun.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!


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