11-22-10 by dave

This morning was looking stormy on the hill as I drove up extra early, so as not to miss the first Boat.   Once again the faithful had been paying attention, though the week end crowd was, clearly, not there, with not more than a three Tram wait built up.  The new snow was fully knee deep and much lighter density than  the past installments, making the ride a bit more bouncy as the underlying crud had not been fully buffered.  I am not complaining, just the facts.  The Cirque Traverse has still got some surprises in sections along the length.  Use caution as snags and abrupt woopties can be daunting in bad visibility.  Even though the Tram line was holding solid, the hill itself seemed empty with no apparent pressure to deal with.   Nice touch!!    ZOOM and Little Cloud chair helped disperse the crowd as the Tram Line dropped to  just two. By 1PM. the line shrank to walk on, no waiting.   As the product got skied out, the snow seemed to thicken and require a bit more persuasion.    Charging a more direct line will add more power using the gravity field for FREE!! Speaking of GRAVITY,  what a trip!!!   A major storm is on the doorstep that is going to really put the snow pack in the green zone; good to go!!.  There might be wind issues with operation, so know that options may need to be selected.  Dress for chairs just in case, because this may be one of those great wind events, where the tracks get filled in with each run.  That is my favorite kind of powder day.  See you early to make the first Bucket!!  Ciao!

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    always well written , thanks for the recap !

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