11-21-10 by dave

I got up early this morning in anticipation of a full on powder day.  I had to shovel the walk and knock the accumulation from the array before I could get out of the trailer.  The road was good to go with not too much traffic.  What I did not realize , was that everyone else blew off the shoveling and headed up well ahead of me.  Try as I might, I made third Tram with the line already stretched around by Snow Safety.  The peak was full on blizzard conditions blowing into the Peruvian side, which was only open from the Cirque Traverse.  I dropped the sign line and found exquisite frosting of heavy, dense, cold accumulation that was absolutely effortless to turn in.  Despite the crowd at the Tram, the hill was a bit more sedate, with the faithful going out exploring the further reaches of the hill.  Those outlying areas will be getting better, but the snow snakes still lurk here and about.  The snow was falling so hard that the visibility was pushed to zero zero at times, though that did not detract from the exceptional conditions of the day.   The  faithful were giddy with the product and were getting back in line as fast a possible.    I took the cue to bail for the day in order to get down the Canyon Road while the getting was good.  The uphill traffic was solid from top to bottom.  Where would they park?     More great snow is in the forecast for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow will, once again , be one of those days that they write about, and if you show up , you will have one of those stories that seem impossible to believe, but…. Believe it!!!  This is one of those openers that we can reminisce about when folks get negative about the coming season.  I always try to hold a big idea and see what materializes.   IBBY!!!

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