11-23-10 by dave

The intrepid group of hard corps stepped out on to Hidden Peak to be greeted by a true maelstrom of driving snow and ultra intense wind.  It was NUKIN’!!!.  Visibility was very good….. except for the fact, that the driving snow and super gusts rendered any reference points fleeting at best.  The movement of the snow filled wind gusts threw off your sense of movement and direction, making the conditions a mandatory INSTRUMENT FLIGHT RULE situation.  While that is excellent for your overall skill development, the negotiation of the expanse of a nearly featureless Regulator was a serious challenge.  Now the snow was great!! 4 or 5” of nice accumulation.  The grooming job was very consistent and smooth, which was the saving grace  for any level of security.  Occasionally I would get a brief gimps of a snow gun or a thin bamboo marker,  giving a brief sense of location.  The heavy gusts swarmed the entire mountain, shutting the Tram down, with the rest of the lifts following at around 12:00 Noon.  The forklift Chair was, again, the place to be, away from the white chaos that swirled outside as the intrepid eeked out the last couple of Trams.  The Blizzard is on the move, with large accumulations expected.  Be sure to check the Bird site and and the Road condition – both accessible from this site- before heading up.   With this new installment, the goods are here, the base is well established, and it is going to be a great Thanksgiving.    I really tried to get a photo for today, but there was just no opportunity.  See you tomorrow,  I will be biding my time, and waiting for developments in the AM..  No sense  in getting into a frenzy.  I will slowly drive up there and ski it all!!!   Get Ready!!!  Peace Out!

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