5-04-15 by dave

With an 8 AM start on the day, the first Tram was just about vacant.  I rolled in at my usual time, and took the 8:30 AM Tram, where I found that the cold over night temps. had set the machine worked runs up.  Even though they were crisp, there was plenty of granular traction on the prepared lines.  With no one on the hill, it felt like a private resort.  The Cat Crew has done a fine job of finding snow to cover some of the thin areas that had melted off over the weekend.  Most notably was Goblin Gulley, that had been covered very well and was a real surprise.  I lapped the two worked areas and went to the bottom to visit the Forklift Chair to let some softening occur.  That stretch along the Bass Highway has melted off even more, so the stroll is somewhere in the vicinity of 600′.  Big Emma was very good and some tenderizing had been done there, making that line remind me of some of the back country lines I cherish. Clouds began to build up around 10:30 AM when the temps. began to fall.  Visibility was good, but the light got very flat, so I called it a day, but the skiing was still very good.  Here is a shot of a flower that was calling me to give it some love.  DSC02862Tomorrow, look for another crisp start, with perhaps some morning Sun to get things started.  With the early opening, the Sun has not yet come up over the ridge line, so the West side of the hill is dark. Clouds are predicted to build in again as the day warms, so get there early for the best visibility, however, that early start will offer crispy lines.  We will have to see how it shakes out if it warms up.  Over all, the coverage is very good on the hill, though the very top of Regulator is thin, so drop off the Cat Track early to avoid the variations.  See you there for the morning turns.  Speed Safely!!

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  1. Alec Brown says:

    I was coming up to Park City Wednesday and figured it couldn’t hurt to go over to Snowbird for a day and try to get a day of snow in. With the given mountain forecast, when do you think would be the best day to go? I was thinking Sunday, because it’s supposed to snow all weekend, but I wanted your input! Also, what’s the level of the runs currently open? I’ve never been to Snowbird before, so i don’t know how the level of their ‘blacks’ compare to PC’s or DV’s blacks. When I ski, I can handle anything (I am a frequent visitor of the Deer Valley chutes), but I was hoping to get a day of snowboarding in (I can handle the blacks at PC and the Canyons comfortably). I would really appreciate your opinion, as you are out there this week and know so much about the mountain.


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