5-03-15 by dave

The hill got started at 8:00AM this morning, but I could not rally that early and got on the 8:45 AM Tram when the corn was at it’s peak of perfection.  I chose Lupine Loop for the first few runs to get to the fresh Cornuroy that was resident there.  Today was the last day of Mineral Basin operation, and thus the last day to visit the Landing.  Here is a shot from that hallowed spot.  This old tree has seen untold seasons and having this sentinel as a monument to the DSC02874season seem fitting.  Next time I take a shot from here the Summit at Hidden Peak will be complete and very cool.    On the front of the hill the light freeze had the Groomers feeling just slightly crisp, however, they were very carve able and held the promise of goodness in the next hour.  Lower on the hill, the Bass Highway had melted off over quite a stretch and required a good stroll to get back to the snow pack.  Staying up high was the best call as the lines were fast and lapable with no lift lines.  I stopped at the Knoll on Powder Paradise and encountered these California Dreamers and one self proclaimed Flat Lander who were really enjoying the sorbet delight that was stretched out in front of them.yT4mrCQlra37zQ3rNO0kcYedu2O7n-TIMegRVXxUTBt4VTkXG2J8yf4r7wx6ap19Pe7SMV_k5C9JPLuYahmOtAyxotbVsf0dlrlriy7QuFtwOQGs6TXOQRO8EBMsLcbAz0unA-DqvM7ky-cSDo0vqNNDb3994Wo4kRiFhYuQiVNuIROUwVUBb-D1hb1oU-8l0KAxiIt was great spending time with them talking about the Hyper Dimensional Realms and other things that don’t matter.  I am glad they got such good snow after coming so far.  Tomorrow, the hill will open again at 8:00AM, though I will be pulling in at the usual time.  The Little Cloud Chair is the last remaining  chair operating, but there is still plenty of terrain to work, especially after the freeze breaks and some of those worked over off trail lines get good.  I did ski a long line of interference patterns today that had a spacing developed by the high concentration of good skiers, which made these features very fun and carvey!! XQXBvPcZc_XxjnV021sMQzML5tz5kGMv3MsewkJwGg3G-Amf_MinVIU7C_EullsVFDTnPmUtWVRAcCChCRdfItNDd4CD-l5yw8GyE5RdjwQfw1T4wyYMvs83EenHl2tD09lcJnuCIyu8_f1xYs-jsAiRyX0lyipYS-dRM7AOpAFkGdofTFQejrLB3-vU_H7a8jihUHere is a great shot of Sully getting freshies in the Sanduroy down in San Diego.  It looks delightfully sumptuous!!!  Nice turns Sully!!!  See you there for the last of the season’s turns.  Peace Out!!

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