5-05-15 by dave

It was a murky morning as the Tram hit the peak, which contained only a few of the faithful.  Regulator was already slushy, though consistent and workable.  Mark Malu, on the other hand, was offering beautifully sumptuous Cornuroy that let you lay it down like Ligety, with no chance of the turn washing out.  Since there was no one on the hill, it was like a private resort, with perfect turns all the way to the bottom of the Little Cloud Chair.  I just had to make continuous laps there to dial in the untracked delight that was as good as it gets.  The clouds began to lower and snow began to fall as the temps. began to fall a bit.  When a light drizzle began to fall lower down on the bowl, I decided to visit the Forklift Chair  to enjoy the ambiance and see if the clouds lifted.  Here is a shot of Mr. Cage having breakfast at 11,000′ just before heading down for another sorbet breakfast treat.  Today was his 86th Day!!!OY1NyOHM3Dv6rZSUMINa5k0i4bWdhTJwMHyjb5BvOai5rDABL4jXb38GiczZBwb9fNgiS8PEHe5ndxg-diuPZSUk9vtiSdVexAXpbjjzqL5XixqDHZPwkeaEMUCcs3EVSz0xtKY45g1Y5a3fNVTHKeb6Avz0MSEUtdaoazgenaR97dbYlI7e5gAG2WuJL0UHEeuCwAfter breakfast, the clouds lifted a bit and a return to the dance was a treat as the quality was still holding up, with not much in the way of stickiness happening on the flats.   Lower down on the hill, the exit was still problematic with quite a stroll to cross the melted off stretch of the Bass Highway.  The walk is easy and there is plenty of snow after you put your devices back on, but the dirt really makes the stickiness very variable indeed.  Here is a shot that Neil took looking down on lower Mark Malu delineated by the very white contrast to the dirty off trail areas.  7_oWbJaPU1Joj14cHaVcuYVnI8xRdr2OQlbdyM6HSUFe3jJV0xSAJQoJewa1y5cxIiw0EfYA-mDsBSdpRomVtQ1dlfciiRb6Is5sNiZ9C0Axr4sSjO-P90D8sjsDN-hvE6XY84lLIc1japRoo3kRBu0DKB8VyLx4koes2TZQ2hjx9_POB2ehjP3se_DBOa62TGKLhTomorrow, look for more unsettled weather, refreshed Groomers, and more of the sorbet goodness that is happening with this mature corn cycle.  While you can see the extent of melt off on the hill, it is also evident that there is plenty of cover up high.  Thanks to Neil for sending these shots as I lost my camera battery the other day trying to get a shot on the chair.  It was long gone in a blink of and eye, but I just got a hard to find replacement, so I will get some of my own tomorrow. See you there for the morning perfection.   Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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