12-02-16 by dave

Early morning flurries and late afternoon flurries framed a beautiful day of smooth sliding.  A few millimeters of fluff accumulated before the first Tram got off the dock, and that was a delight on top of the re worked lines that were smooth and dialable.   The Snow Guns were blazing once again, turning out some very nice velvet that was begging for some deep round turns.  dsc04100Here is a shot taken from Peak in the space that the old Patrol Shack once occupied.  It is great to have this great view unobstructed.  The trees are flocked with the fresh snow that has fallen in the past few days, kept fresh with the cold temps that we have been seeing.  I am still wearing my cold weather coat despite the Sun.  The Peruvian side of the hill did not open today, and promises to open tomorrow.  There are some beautiful lines waiting for the folks who show up for the opening. The quality over there is all time and will be blower and sweet.  Here is a shot of the Lower Cirque looking sweet in the low angle Sun.  dsc04095It will be good to get that area opened so it will all get packed out and become more consistent for the next accumulation event.  The pack has come a long way in the last week and the pattern looks like it will continue to bring more to the hill in the next while.  Here is another shot of the Lower Cirque I took from the Tram with the window scratches making for some interesting texture!!dsc04103Tomorrow, you can count on a great day of new terrain that has some very high quality product just waiting for the Faithful to work it in.  It will be good sliding on both sides of the hill.  I will be taking the day off for some rest and relaxation.  Enjoy the great early season conditions.  IBBY!!

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