12-03-16 by dave

There was a high overcast deck over the Valley this morning, that was high enough to keep the visibility good, but the flat light made the details a bit tricky from time to time.  The Peruvian Gulch opened today, offering excellent powder for the faithful to ply for the first time on that side of the hill.  All reports were stellar, with many of the more out of the way lines holding up for a number of runs.  Knowing the ignored lines pays dividends.  Some of those underlying reefs were cropping up here and there, but staying with fat guts were a safe bet.  I got this great shotdsc04097of that Northeast facing aspect of Mineral Basin.  That is still waiting in the wings for sometime in the future, so if  you missed the opening of the Peruvian Gulch, you can catch the first opening here.  Stay tuned.  The Gad side of the hill has been holding up really well despite the concentrated traffic this week, but the snow making efforts are a huge improvement and are providing some stellar Gun Powder.  Here is a shot I took the other day where the Patrol Shack used to be to, once again, give an idea of the clear vista that is present there now.  dsc04094Tomorrow, look for the snow to still be soft over on the Peruvian side of the hill, with machine worked lines that will be fresh and fun.  Freshly machine worked lines are always so delightful, with the corduroy making perfect turns a snap.  I think you will have a great time no matter which line you choose tomorrow, so get there early and ride the fresh lines.  Stay Frosty!!

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