12-01-16 by dave

There were light flurries all day today, which made the visibility interesting as the clouds moved in and out.  The first run had some ultra light dust that had fallen and it felt great on the already soft lines.  Regulator was open off the Tram again, with the snow guns putting down a beautiful layer of Gun Powder that just seemed to mount up run after run with the perfect temps. making the product exquisite.  I dialed back the roll to extract as much juice from each turn as possible.   With a rework of the Regulator machine worked line, the consistency improved markedly from yesterday.  Very light traffic was another nice feature that kept the runs wide open with no pressure.  dsc04093The Peak is has a whole new feel with the old Patrol Shack gone. It is wide open and the view is clear.  Today, you could not see much, but during one lap I stopped into the Summit at Hidden Peak and soaked up the ambience as the storm raged outside the doors.  Before this building, it was tough to spend much time there in bad weather, but now you can sit and enjoy the energy of the peak Vortex with a warm and inviting space.  dsc04094Here is a shot of some of the great folks who provide the comfort food that is available there.   I am going to be getting some of that Pizza very soon, it looked sooo good.  Here is a great shot of the 3 guys who make the Summit hum.  Executive Chef George, The Manager Mark and the Assistant to the Manager Roger.  I got to spend some time talking to them about the coming season.  dsc04092Tomorrow, look for more great groomers to be on tap, with, perhaps, some overnight accumulation as we are still in a Northwesterly flow.  There may be some continued flurries during the day as well.  I heard rumors of a possible Peruvian Gulch opening, but I am not holding my breath. We will see, and keep your eye on the Bird’s site for official updates.  Conditions are very good, especially when you think of what we had just less than a week ago.  It’s here!!   Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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